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Nick Humphries from Practically Tactical – Ep. 4

We’re thrilled to have a fellow podcaster on our fourth episode of TacticalPay Radio! Brett was joined by Nick Humphries, who is the founder of Practically Tactical, which is a live podcast, web site, and YouTube channel covering all things tactical.

Nick was born and raised in Idaho, and after a life changing event decided to pursue knowledge in firearms and self-defense. His quest for knowledge led him to founding Practically Tactical, to not only learn more, but also share newly gained insights with others. Brett and Nick chat all about his show, as well as guns, self-defense, and more!

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Sam Paredes from Gun Owners of California – Ep. 3

TacticalPay Radio is back with our third episode ever! On this show, Brett is joined by Sam Paredes, who is the Executive Director of Gun Owners of California, the oldest pro-gun political action committee in the United States. Sam is also on the organization’s Board of Directors and serves as Treasurer of the Gun Owners Foundation.

Sam has been interviewed by countless California news outlets in addition to national media outlets such as Fox News, ABC World News Tonight, and even Al Jazeera for his expertise on gun laws in the Golden State. Sam’s intricate knowledge of how to run an effective organization focused on gun ownership gives him unique insight into all things related to the firearms community.

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Jacob Motley from Tactical Payments – Ep. 2

On this second episode of TacticalPay Radio, we decided to interview one of our very own! Jacob Motley, Head of Sales here at Tactical Payments, joined Brett to discuss in depth the what, why, and how of what we do here.

When it comes to credit card processing in the firearms industry, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with more knowledge and experience than Jacob. His unique insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of Tactical Pay also make this a fascinating window into how ANY business built around firearms runs and finds customers.

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Jeff Bloovman from Armed Dynamics – Ep. 1

Welcome to the very first episode of TacticalPay Radio! On today’s show, Brett chats with Jeff Bloovman, who is the founder of Armed Dynamics. Jeff specializes in firearms and medical training for worst case scenarios. He is also the co-host of Practically Tactical, a live podcast where he and other experts discuss guns, gear, self-defense, and more.

Jeff even competed on the Discover Channel show “One Man Army” where he won every single challenge on its first ever episode. When it comes to firearms and self-defense, he’s a true expert!

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Introducing the TacticalPay Podcast

The TacticalPay Podcast launched on January 22nd, 2018!

Hosted by Brett Grayson, PHD, on the TacticalPay podcast, you’ll hear stories directly from the folks who make the firearms industry tick. Featuring interviews with gun store operators, entrepreneurs, and retailers. From accounting to AR15’s, from trade shows to sales trends, if it’s in our industry, we’re going to talk about it!

So what are you waiting for? Listen and subscribe to TacticalPay Radio!

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