Mental Health and Firearms with Michael Sodini of WTTA – Ep. 44

Strap in for a new episode of TacticalPay radio! On this show, Brett was joined by Michael Sodini as they covered an essential topic, mental health and firearms. Dealing with mental health issues is both important and achievable, and key part of firearms safety.

Mike is the Founder of Walk the Talk America, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to making positive change concerning mental health, and firearm awareness. He’s also the President of Eagle Imports, which imports fine firearms brands from all over the world. Over the past nine years, he has successfully cultivated and evolved the Bersa, Metro Arms, and Grand Power firearm brands.

Listen in as Brett and Mike covered a lot of ground together!

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Episode Highlights

  • What Walk the Talk America is all about and how it help tackle mental health issues.
  • What it’s like to be the President of a gun import business.
  • How Mike got the nickname “The Un-Gun Guy”.
  • About Avidity Arms, the brand-new gun brand Mike is developing with gun expert Rob Pincus (also a previous Tactical Pay guest!
  • And so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Walk The Talk America

Founded by Michael Sodini, Walk The Talk America or WTTA, is a non-profit organization with a goal to raise awareness and inspire positive change between the firearms and mental health industries.

They have created alliances between the leading experts and organizations in the Firearms and Mental Health Industries. They have the knowledge and proper call to action to reach those who may want the help but have either been ignored or simply have been too afraid to seek help, because of the misconceptions that come with mental illness.

WTTA has also established commitments from several experienced and concerned colleagues in the firearm industry that are willing to donate their time, resources, and money to help. Historically, both industries have cared deeply about this issue but have never been connected.

WTTA is a way to bring people together. The professionals and academics from both industries are moving forward with combining efforts, information, and resources to achieve their vision for the future.

TacticalPay Featured Community Organization of The Week

Each week, we select a “TacticalPay Featured Community Organization of the Week” from our listener submissions! Created to showcase a community organization that is doing important on the ground work related to the firearms community, nominees are selected by our listeners from hundreds of local clubs, shooting groups, hunting and wildlife organizations, education and advocacy organizations, and other firearms related community organizations.

We want to hear about organizations that deserve to be recognized, so if you know of a community organization that you believe is doing excellent work on behalf of the broader firearms community that you’d like to see recognized, drop us a line!

We’ve got a great one for you this week!

Missouri Sport Shooting Association

This week, we’re happy to award The Missouri Sport Shooting Association or MSSA.

Founded in 1928, they have a simple mission. Their mission is to protect and preserve the shooting sports at the state level. MSSA promotes and improves the shooting sports by sponsoring marksmanship training and competitions throughout the state of Missouri.

MSSA also works for the rights of the gun owner, shooter, collector, hunter, archer, black powder enthusiast, and trapper. Lastly, MSSA supports the free exchange of ideas, information and education related to gun ownership, shooting, hunting, firearms and related topics.

Clearly they’re doing fantastic work, and are well deserving of recognition.

If you’d like to learn more about them you can click here to connect with them on Facebook.