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Tactical Payments is the #1 trusted credit card processing partner for ALL types of firearms businesses. Ammunition, Accessories, Gun Shops,  and more.

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FAQs About Virtual Terminals

Below are some frequently asked questions about virtual terminals and firearms.

What Exactly Is A Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is an online portal you can use to enter credit card transactions. Virtual terminals are essentially synonymous with “payment gateways.” At TacticalPay we primarily work with and NMI as virtual terminals. If you have a different payment gateway/virtual terminal you’d prefer to use, we can likely work with that as well.

Can I Send Invoices To Customers With My Virtual Terminal?

Absolutely! We offer solutions that allow you to send out invoices to customers which they can pay online or over the phone. 

Will Your Virtual Terminal Integrate With My Website, CMS, or Other CRM Software?

We work with and NMI, which integrate with most major online shopping carts, in addition to most major CMS and websites. Furthermore we provide virtual terminals that integrate with, and many other firearms-related software and commerce solutions. 

If you’re ready to get started accepting credit card payments for firearms, firearms accessories, ammunition, or other sporting goods via a virtual terminal… click the link below!

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