Bodyguarding and Firearms Courses with Michael J. Briggs of MN Firearms Training – Ep. 27

It’s time for yet another episode of TacticalPay Radio! We’ve got a couple new subjects to cover this week… body guarding and firearms training. Joining Brett to share his expertise and perspectives on these two areas is Michael J. Briggs. Michael is a bodyguard, survivalist instructor, and the owner and head instructor at MN Firearms.

Michael J. Briggs specializes in close quarters protection as well as defensive shooting and firearms tactics. The firearms courses he leads at Minnesota Firearms Training focus on defensive shooting and firearms tactics. He’s also skilled in high country survival, and operated as a survivalist instructor in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona. Bodyguarding is a fulfilling, but not necessarily easy way to make a living… listen in to hear what Michael has learned from his experiences over the years.

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Gun Policies and Rights in New York with Jacob Rieper of GunPoliticsNY – Ep. 26

Strap in for another episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week, we’ve got a bit more of a local political feel, with a show all about covering gun policy in the state of New York. Our guest is Jacob Rieper of GunPoliticsNY, a blog that focuses on the politics affecting the rights of citizens to own, carry and use firearms for all lawful purposes in the state of New York.

Jacob Rieper has been a defender of the 2nd Amendment since he was running Compuserve forums in the mid-1990’s. In addition to his current blogging activities, he has honed his skills in the legislative process from introduction to signing, policy analysis and research, communicating with elected officials on legislative matters, developing political strategy, surveying candidates for public office, political campaign research, grassroots communication, writing press releases, communicating with the media on relevant legislative and political matters. From 2000 to 2016, Jacob was the Legislative Director of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

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ELR Shooting with Mitch Fitzpatrick of Applied Ballistics – Ep. 25

It’s time for yet another episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week we’re covering an emerging topic in firearms… Extended Long Range (ELR) shooting. Helping Brett cover this, is someone who has won loads of ELR matches and is a true expert. Mitch Fitzpatrick is a college undergraduate, world-class extended long-range shooter, and Co-Owner of the Applied Ballistics Weapons Division, which works on all things related to the science of accuracy.

Mitchell is one of the top F-Class and extended long range shooters in the country. He got started in the shooting industry by getting into F-Class Target Rifle competitive shooting in the spring of 2013. He designed the action and built his rifle from scratch. He’s currently attending Michigan Technological University pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with an Emphasis in Aeronautics.

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Firearms In The News with Lee Williams of The Gun Writer – Ep. 24

Strap in for another episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week, our subject is firearms in the news. No matter if collecting and shooting guns is your hobby, or if you work in the firearms industry in some capacity, newsworthy events around guns can impact it. Joining Brett to discuss all this is a true expert… investigative journalist, blogger, and podcaster. Lee Williams of The Gun Writer.

Lee Williams is well-versed in firearms and safety; he’s a former police officer, Army vet, award-winning reporter and currently the lead investigative reporter for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. He’s also the founder of regular columnist for, and the co-host of the podcast “Think, Aim, Fire.”

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2A Advocacy Growth with Tiffany Johnson of Front Sight Press – Ep. 23

It’s time for yet another episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week, Brett was joined on the show by Tiffany Johnson, civil rights lawyer, law professor, firearms safety instructor, and prolific blogger at Front Sight Press. Tiffany offered advice to the NRA and other 2nd Amendment supporters on growing their brands and spreading awareness.

Tiffany is a civil rights lawyer, she teaches courses and coordinates the Legal Studies Program at University of Memphis. She’s also an instructor for Citizens Safety Academy, which educates the public on personal safety and responsible firearms ownership. When Tiffany blogs, she often writes about responsible gun ownership and effective gun rights advocacy.

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Federal Government Accountability with David T. Hardy – Ep. 22

Strap in for another episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week, we’re talking about something that is important for many gun owners and enthusiasts to understand… the Federal Government accountability. More specifically, we’re discussing the Federal Tort Claims Act and how the government can circumvent the spirit of it. Brett was joined by expert David Hardy, an author, lawyer, and owner of the web site Of Arms and the Law, where his posts focus in large part on the 1st, 2nd and 14th amendment.

David has been practicing law for over 40 years, including ten years with the U.S. Department of the Interior. Hardy has also written numerous articles for legal journals and books, including the best seller Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man. His most recent book is I’m from the Government and I’m Here to Kill You: The True Human Cost of Official Negligence.

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Concealed Carry Instruction with Michael Woodland of M-W Tactical – Ep. 21

It’s time for yet another episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week, Brett was joined by Michael Woodland, founder of M-W Tactical on the show. Michael had so much to share, including how he became a certified firearms instructor, how he runs his business, and more.

Michael Woodland served in the Army for 22 years, is an Instructor for Combatives and Marksmanship courses, and he’s also a competitive shooter, writer, and frequent guest on podcasts as well as co-host of the Black Man with a Gun podcast. He’s the founder of M-W Tactical.

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The Black Guns Matter Movement with Maj Toure – Ep. 20

Strap in because it’s time for another episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week, we were pleased to have Maj Toure, founder of the Black Guns Matter movement on the show.

The movement serves to educate urban communities on their 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities through firearm trainings and education. The Constitution guarantees the rights to own a gun regardless of race, and Maj wants everyone, especially black Americans and others in urban communities, to learn more about gun safety, conflict resolution, and responsible ownership of firearms.

Maj Toure is a Solutionary Hip Hop artist turned 2nd Amendment activist from North Philly. His following started after he was featured on the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly as “the Prophet of Philadelphia.” Maj has been featured in the New York Times, Breitbart News, National Public Radio, and NRANews.

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The Life of a Shooter’s Wife with Mia Rhode – Ep. 19

We’re locked and loaded for another great episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week, we were so happy to have Mia Rhode, creator and editor of Life Of A Shooter’s Wife on the show. Mia had a ton of insight to to share about balancing her online presence with a real-world life, as well as what it’s like to be married to a member of the US Men’s Rifle Team.

Mia was born in Seoul, South Korea and then adopted and raised in Minnesota. Formerly a Hairstylist, she now is a blogger, photographer, Second Amendment Advocate, and political news junkie. In addition to her work on Life of a Shooter’s Wife, Mia also contributes to the Western Free Press and is on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Rifle and Revolver Association. She also runs a Rifle Shooting Blog for Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, and is an NRA member.

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