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Watch your inbox! Your application with Tactical Payments is currently being processed. Once completed, in the next few hours, you’ll be emailed an agreement via DocuSign for your review and electronic signature.

If You Didn’t Attach Your Supporting Documents… Don’t Worry.

Firearms industry merchant accounts require additional paperwork relative to many industries in order to be approved. That’s why on our application, you were asked to upload a copy of documents like your driver’s license, a voided business check, etc. for this purpose.

If you didn’t submit the required documents requested when completing the application, please submit them via email or fax at 281-725-6594, so that your application can be fully processed.


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Why Do Fire Businesses Choose Tactical Payments?

Our award-winning Customer Service Team has been recognized by numerous industry organizations. Notice the difference!

Second Amendment Friendly. Unlike the big banks, we’re proud to serve FFLs and all types of firearms businesses.

Simple, Rock-Bottom Pricing. You’ll be able to accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX at very low rates (and no surprise fees).

USA-Based Customer Service. Say goodbye to long hold times. Talk to our USA-Based Customer Service team by chat, email or phone.

TacticalPay Radio

Tactical Entrepreneur is the weekly business show for the firearms industry. The podcast features in-depth interviews with the entrepreneurs, professionals and technologists who are enabling the next generation of firearms businesses to innovate and grow.

From attracting and keeping good employees, to employing technology that cuts costs and streamlines your firearms business, to understanding the tax and gun regulations that uniquely apply to our industry, if it impacts firearms businesses, we cover it on Tactical Entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in more firearms industry content, check out the TacticalPay Radio Podcast. From handgun shooting to hog hunting, from accounting to AR15’s… shotguns, rifles, accessories, concealed carry, trade shows, gun rights, sales trends, and more. Click here for the podcast homepage.