Talking Firearms and Fashion Shows with Amanda Suffecool

We’re officially back with a brand new season of TacticalPay Radio! On this episode, Brett chatted with Amanda Suffecool all about guns and what it takes to put together fashion shows around firearms.

Amanda Suffecool is an aerospace engineer, multi-talented leader, 2A advocate, and radio host. She’s an NRA-certified trainer, an educator, and the creator of the NRA’s Conceal Carry Fashion Show. She wrote a book on how to organize a concealed carry fashion show which is available on She co-hosts Eye on the Target Radio with her brother Rob Campbell.

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Episode Highlights

  • How Amanda balances a career in aerospace engineering with a nationally-syndicated radio show.
  • What’s it’s like to direct concealed carry fashion shows for the NRA and VICE TV.
  • How Amanda suddenly found herself in the Screen Actors Guild and sharing a set with Matthew McConaughey.
  • How the REALIZE firearms awareness coalition saves people big headaches (and big bucks).
  • And so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Eye On The Target Radio

“Eye On The Target Radio is a live variety show with news, listener calls, and guests. Favorite topics include self-defense for women, self-defense training, historic firearms, and current gun laws.

Hosts Rob Campbell and Amanda Suffecool are brother and sister, and their sibling rivalry is part of their signature style. Listeners love to pick sides, and join in the fun. Amanda, being the younger yet somewhat bossy part of the team, provides the energy and Rob provides the true gun geek technical. Both have a mechanical mind, and use it to share, discuss and explain why they think the way they do.

In this show format, listeners bring their questions about personal security, armed self-defense, firearms, and trending news. call or topic doesn’t go by without a playful poke at each other or a friend of the show. Bob and Amanda translate gun-geek into understandable english designed for a general audience. Call in with your question about how to start your self-defense education, about the obscure firearm you found, or bring that strange question you always wanted to ask.”

TacticalPay Featured Community Organization of The Week

Each week, we select a “TacticalPay Featured Community Organization of the Week” from our listener submissions! Created to showcase a community organization that is doing important on the ground work related to the firearms community, nominees are selected by our listeners from hundreds of local clubs, shooting groups, hunting and wildlife organizations, education and advocacy organizations, and other firearms related community organizations.

We want to hear about organizations that deserve to be recognized, so if you know of a community organization that you believe is doing excellent work on behalf of the broader firearms community that you’d like to see recognized, drop us a line!

We’ve got a great one for you this week!

Florida Sport Shooting Association (FSSA):

This week, we’re so thrilled to highlight the Florida Sport Shooting Association or FSSA.

The FSSA was founded in 1986 as Florida’s NRA state association. They work in accordance with the purposes and objectives of the NRA.

A few of their biggest goals are:

  • To create a public sentiment supporting the individual possession of firearms by law-abiding citizens.
  • To encourage and promote education and training in the use of firearms for sport, for personal defense, and as a bulwark of individual liberty.
  • To encourage the proper organization, operation, and administration of member clubs.
  • To promote and coordinate statewide activities related to the ownership and lawful use of firearms, and to cooperate with other organizations in the conservation of wildlife resources within the State of Florida and throughout the United States.

They accomplish these goals through the planning, construction, acquisition, and preservation of civilian-owned shooting ranges of all types.

They also promote hunter safety training, hunting as a shooting sport, and conservation, as viable and necessary methods of fostering the propagation, growth, conservation and wise use of renewable wildlife and natural resources. Lastly, they promote and encourage the highest degree of sportsmanship and good fellowship among the membership of the Association.

If you’d like to learn more about them you can click here to connect with them on Facebook.