Marketing Veteran Owned Businesses with Chris Flowers of Vets 4 Biz – Ep. 45

Get ready for a brand new episode of TacticalPay Radio! On this episode, Brett was joined by Chris Flowers as they discussed an important topic (especially given Veterans Day a little over a week ago)… marketing veteran owned businesses.

Christopher Flowers is a veteran of both the Air Force and Army and served in Desert Storm. He has spent 20+ years working in finance, business banking, and insurance. He’s the founder and President of Vets 4 Biz, which promotes and markets businesses owned by veterans.

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Episode Highlights

  • How Chris uses his 20+ years in finance to develop a marketing business.
  • How Vets 4 Biz caters to veterans looking to market their business.
  • How Mike got the nickname “The Un-Gun Guy”.
  • About Vets 4 Biz’s Vet-erviews, which help inspire and teach entreprenuerial veterans.
  • About Rally Point, a monthly gathering of veterans.
  • And so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Vets 4 Biz

Founded by Christopher Flowers, Vets 4 Biz has made it their mission to help veteran owned businesses succeed and reach their goals.

In their own words, “We want to provide the community with the services they need that are Veteran owned. US Veterans business owners have a higher standard and work ethic that we approach a job with. We want to connect the community with Veteran owned businesses to provide goods and services for them. Shop Local, Shop Veteran.”

Chris’ message to veterans who own business is simple and straightforward… they want to help veterans generate revenue. Furthermore, they “want to provide a more proactive promotional approach to your business.” With an “Air Strike” that will be “launched throughout social media, followed by ground assault of networking and word of mouth and referrals.”

To sum it up, Vets 4 Biz has this to say: “We are more than just a promotion and social media marketing company. Vets 4 Biz is evolving into a full service business consultation company. We align the resources Veteran Business Owners need from lending, retirement, payroll, HR, healthcare and more. We have nearly 30 years in the business financial management field with networking in many more essential fields you will have access to as a member of THE UNIT!”

TacticalPay Featured Community Organization of The Week

Each week, we select a “TacticalPay Featured Community Organization of the Week” from our listener submissions! Created to showcase a community organization that is doing important on the ground work related to the firearms community, nominees are selected by our listeners from hundreds of local clubs, shooting groups, hunting and wildlife organizations, education and advocacy organizations, and other firearms related community organizations.

We want to hear about organizations that deserve to be recognized, so if you know of a community organization that you believe is doing excellent work on behalf of the broader firearms community that you’d like to see recognized, drop us a line!

We’ve got a great one for you this week!

Hunting & Conservation Alliance of TaJikistan:

This week, we’re happy to award The Hunting & Conservation Alliance of TaJikistan.

The philosophy behind H&CAT is to develop conservation and sustainable-use initiatives by providing tools and skills to NGOs and small businesses in community-based conservancies. The country’s mountain regions are home to some of the most remarkable wildlife of Asia, like snow leopard, Marco Polo sheep, Tajik markhor, urial sheep and Asiatic ibex.

Therefore, Tajikistan is already famous as destination for mountain game hunters, in particular for its Marco Polo sheep, which can be hunted in several large hunting concessions managed by private companies.

But concessions and protected areas are not the only important wildlife areas! In several parts of the Pamirs and other mountain ranges traditional hunters from local communities have established their own organizations for the conservation and sustainable use of game species and for the preservation of strictly protected animals.

Community-based wildlife management is a recent development in Tajikistan, and something that H&CAT has helped significantly with. H&CAT is a non-commercial and non-governmental organization, acting as the umbrella for the member conservancies, whose profits from sustainable hunting and tourism are reinvested into nature conservation and community development in and around the conservancies.

If you’d like to learn more about them you can click here to connect with them on Facebook.