Talking Shooting Ranges with Jake Gaden and Kyle Emmons of Wilshire Gun – Ep. 37

Time for another TacticalPay Radio episode! This week, talking all about shooting ranges with two guests who know quite a bit about them. Jake Gaden and Kyle Emmons of The Wilshire Gun Range joined Brett to dive deep on what makes their range great and more.

Kyle Emmons an instructor and retail manager at Wilshire Gun’s Range. He’s responsible for Wilshire’s products, and has an uncanny ability to determine which gun is best for the customer. Jake Gaden is Wilshire Gun’s Range Manager, which is no small task for such a massive range.

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Episode Highlights

  • Why Wilshire Gun is known as a “gun-try club”.
  • How Jake and Kyle started working at Wilshire Gun..
  • How double-stack reubens and sweet potato waffle fries help keep Wilshire Gun ahead of the local gun range competition.
  • Why both Jake and Kyle recommend an AR-15 for the zombie apocalypse!
  • And so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Wilshire Gun

Wilshire Gun is a shooting range just north of downtown in Oklahoma City. It’s more than just a gun range, though – it has a popular cafe and plenty of space for all kinds of events. This has led to it becoming a hub for a thriving and supportive firearms enthusiast community.

Designed with comfort of the shooter in mind, Wilshire Gun features services and amenities not currently available in the Oklahoma City market, with unique offerings including:

  • Six 100-yard indoor lanes with climate control and digitally controlled target dispatch/retrieval systems; each lane will have a camera at the 100 yd position with a monitor at the shooting position for instant information on shot accuracy. These lanes are usable at any distance to 100 yards.
  • 18 additional lanes with digital target dispatch systems for distance accuracy.
  • All 24 lanes feature ballistic rated shooting stalls and overhead baffles for added safety.
  • Group and private training classes and classrooms available.
  • Virtual firearm simulator equipped with dynamic moving target training in a plethora of scenarios.
  • Segregated shooting bays for small and large caliber.
  • Completely climate controlled with a state-of-the-art “Green” Carey’s Air ventilation system exceeding EPA requirements.
  • Total containment metal bullet traps.

Becoming a part of Wilshire Gun is a great decision to have the ultimate entertainment experience, and unparalleled customer service.

TacticalPay Featured Community Organization of The Week

Each week, we select a “TacticalPay Featured Community Organization of the Week” from our listener submissions! Created to showcase a community organization that is doing important on the ground work related to the firearms community, nominees are selected by our listeners from hundreds of local clubs, shooting groups, hunting and wildlife organizations, education and advocacy organizations, and other firearms related community organizations.

We want to hear about organizations that deserve to be recognized, so if you know of a community organization that you believe is doing excellent work on behalf of the broader firearms community that you’d like to see recognized, drop us a line!

We’ve got a great one for you this week!

Texas Concealed Handgun Association

This week, we’re pleased to award the Texas Concealed Handgun Association as our community organization of the week

The Texas Concealed Handgun Association began as the Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor Association in 1997, one year after the Texas concealed handgun law, now the license to carry (LTC) law, went into effect. The association’s membership initially consisted of instructors trained by the Texas Department of Public Safety and licensed to teach Texas residents to legally carry handguns under the law.

In 2003, the association expanded its membership to include license holders and anyone interested in carrying a handgun for self defense and currently has more than 1,500 membership.

They have several important objectives:

  • To promote the continuation and improvement of the Texas License to Carry (LTC) Law.
  • To represent the standards and concerns of members to the general public,news media, Texas Department of Public Safety and legislators.
  • To promote responsible firearms safety, ownership and use in their communities.
  • To provide current information to members about the laws, lesson plans and topics related to the License to Carry program.
  • To promote high standards of instruction and training.
  • To support the right of responsible, law-abiding citizens to own, keep and lawfully carry firearms for personal protection.

If you’d like to learn more about them you can click here to connect with them on Facebook.