Discussing Gun News With Marty “Lefty” Holder Of Talking Lead

Marty ‘Lefthand’ Holder hosts the popular podcast “Talking Lead” along with his good friend Zeke Stout.

They’re coming up on ten years of talking guns, interviewing big names in the firearms industry, and educating the un-leaducated. Their fans are known as ‘Leadheads’.

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Highlights And Insights From The Episode

  • Lefty’s learned takeaways from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.
  • Why he’s happy to bring gun control advocates onto the Talking Lead podcast, but they decline!
  • Why one particular Talking Lead Podcast episode about Kel-Tec’s P50 pistol racked up thousands of downloads.
  • The fascinating history behind the popular “AK Corner” episodes.
  • And so much more!

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Firearms Industry Spotlight

Talking Lead

Talking Lead is an award-winning multimedia company that broadcasts it’s shows and talent through Podcasting, Social Media, YouTube, Live appearances and more. Content of the show is based around the Firearms Industry. It’s like a group of friends hanging out and talking about everything relating to guns, gear, training, and a lot of pop culture and current events peppered in. The host, Marty “Lefty” Holder, keeps it fun, positive, and upbeat by keeping politics to a minimum and focusing on the person, place, event and/or product.