Self-Defense Insights With Fred Mastison Of Force Options USA

Fred Mastison is the founder of Force Options USA which provides cutting edge training to the men and women that live at the tip of the spear. Their programs are run by seasoned, trained professionals and masters in their field. He is recognized internationally as one of the top combatives and firearms instructors in the world.

He also operates an executive protection division and provides services around the world, and is a regular instructor at Write-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. In addition to firearms training,

Mr. Mastison has been teaching martial arts for 28 years and holds multiple black belts including a 7th degree black belt in Aiki Jitsu. He is based in the Phoenix metropolitan area, but teaches courses across the US, in Europe and Mexico. In addition to wearing all those hats, he’s also a prolific freelance writer and the host of season one of the Center Mass Podcast.

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Highlights And Insights From The Episode

  • Why the tragedy on the set of the movie Rust might not be an isolated event.
  • What’s better for self-defense: concealed carry or a black belt?How Klint designed his private training courses.
  • How Fred came to be an expert in aiki jujitsu, aikido, and other martial arts.
  • Fred’s favorite seminar to conduct.
  • And so much more!

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Force Options USA

Force Options is a complete professional training service. We have assembled the finest training staff available. Each instructor is a master in their field and brings decades of experience to the table.