Protecting Firearms And Accessories With Chris Brien Of 2A Shield

What protects the gear that protects you? Between firearms and tactical accessories, owners have a lot of value at risk. Homeowners insurance is in general insufficient protection for these kinds of items.

Chris Brien, founder of 2A Shield, joins the show to explore. After losing a ton of his favorite gear in a mountainside accident, he realized the need for a company that protects firearms owners’ assets. Chris started 2A Shield so people can better protect their firearms, optics, and other accessories without the hassle of dealing with companies who are not 2A-friendly.

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Highlights And Insights From The Episode

  • The story behind the mountainside incident that was impetus for 2A Shield.
  • Why home owners insurance is insufficient for firearms owners.
  • How to sign up for the 2A Shield asset protection program.
  • If Chris prefers Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris!
  • And so much more!

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Firearms Industry Spotlight

2A Shield

“At 2A Shield we know that gun owners are not getting the protection they need.  So we’ve created a program that helps gun owners add the protection that every Firearm, Optic and Accessory deserves without the hassle of providing identifiable information to companies who don’t support their 2nd Amendment values. 

The majority of firearm owners are not getting the protection they need for their firearms, optics and accessories.  When worst-case scenarios strike is the worst possible time to learn your firearms and equipment are not protected.  Our program provides the confidence, education and financial backing to protect the gear that protects you.  When people become 2A Shield members they can sleep better at night knowing their investment is protected. 

2A Shield exists because firearm owners who choose protection become more confident, safer and more informed protectors for themselves and their family. “