Firearms Product Reviews And Podcasting With Trey Miller Of Ghost Tactical

What do you get when you combine podcasting and insightful product reviews? Ghost Tactical, whose founder Trey Miller shared his story on this show.

Trey is a Marine Corps veteran who started Ghost Tactical Productions in 2017. He’s a Marine Corps vet and a 2A advocate who preaches on concealed carry, self-reliance, and all aspects of firearms training. is not just a home base for Trey’s podcast network- there are thorough product reviews, Ghost Tactical gear available to purchase, personal columns, and much more. Trey is the host of a live show “Tactical Tuesday” where he and his guests talk everything gun culture. He also hosts “The Armed Citizen Podcast” where he and his guests talk about the roles and responsibilities of armed citizens.

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Highlights And Insights From The Episode

  • Which movies most (and least) accurately depict life as a Marine.
  • Why the District Court decision regarding AR-15s is a major game changer.
  • How NOT to get kicked off Facebook, and why Ghost Tactical’s YouTube channel is blowing up and on its way to 50,000 subscribers.
  • Why slang nicknames like “Jarhead” and “Devil Dog” are actually terms of endearment.
  • And so much more!

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Firearms Industry Spotlight

Ghost Tactical

“Ghost Tactical Productions, LLC is an online media organization founded by Marine Corps Veteran, Trey Miller, in 2017. We specialize in gun community media by offering Live weekly shows, product reviews, practice drills, and covering industry events. We specialize in Pro-Gun content and are heavily involved in the 2nd Amendment community.

We pride ourselves on providing pro-gun content that may be useful in everyday life. Of course, we will always have fun doing it, but we will always try to spread knowledge and experience to the rest of the #GhostSquad. We love to continuously gain knowledge and pass it on to help your proficiency and tactics in your everyday life.”