Holistic Firearms Instruction With Robert Butler Of Kenaz Tactical Group

When it comes to firearms training, a holistic approach can yield great results. Robert Butler, Chief Firearms Instructor at Kenaz Tactical Group in Pueblo West, CO joins the podcast to discuss the ins and outs of firearms instruction and training.

Robert served as a Combat Engineer and Artilleryman during his career in the US Army and Army National guard (1984-2001). Robert has 30 years of shooting experience in defensive and tactical shooting (e.g., Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun). He’s on the Board of Directors for Pikes Peak Gun Club, a non-profit range located in Colorado Springs, CO, and a contributing author and writer for “Iron Mike Magazine”, “We Like Shooting”, and “TacSim Magazine”.

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Highlights And Insights From The Episode

  • Why the training at Kenaz is partly based on natural body responses & biomechanics.
  • How Robert adjusted to the ammo shortage has seriously affected firearms trainings schools.
  • What makes Kenaz Tactical Group unique among Colorado’s firearms training schools.
  • The fascinating story behind Kenaz Tactical Group’s name and logo.
  • And so much more!

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Firearms Industry Spotlight

Kenaz Tactical Group Inc

“Kenaz Tactical Group provides training in Colorado. Courses include NRA classes, Personal Protection, Defensive courses, Concealed permit courses and tactical carbine courses.

We are a veteran owned business catering to shooters of all levels, whether you are a first time owner or a seasoned shooter, we have classes that will enhance your ability to put rounds on target. Our goal is to promote responsible ownership and create safe, confident marksmen.”