Defensive Firearms Insights with Raziel Cohen, “The Tactical Rabbi”

It’s not always easy to balance the many commitments of work and life, particularly in fast paced world of firearms training. Raziel Cohen, AKA “The Tactical Rabbi” joins the show to explore how he balances life between being a security specialist and Hassidic Rabbi.

Rabbi Cohen is the owner and founder of National Defensive Firearms Training, which offers courses to military members, law enforcement, and civilians… especially places of worship. Quality defensive firearms training is crucial, and NDF Training is leading the charge to provide it. Listen along as Brett and Rabbi Cohen explore.

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Episode Highlights

  • Why Rabbi Cohen’s Hasidic congregation supports his defense and safety endeavors.
  • What happened when a media outlet tried to catch him off-guard.
  • What to look for in an audit in a facility’s security audit.
  • How Rabbi Cohen balances multiple full-time jobs.
  • And so much more!

Featured on the Show

Firearms Industry Spotlight

NDF Training

Rabbi Cohen has firearms instructor and safety certifications from the NRA and the Department of Justice, and he is a graduate of multiple firearms technique programs. He is the founder and owner of NDF Training, which until 2018 was only available to military personnel, law enforcement, and private security organizations.

It is now open to civilians and businesses, especially places of worship. Rabbi Cohen’s NDF Training program has been featured on numerous media outlets such as ‘Fox and Friends’ and offers a wide variety of courses.

Courses offered by NDF include those for entry level students (including how to purchase a firearm, legalities, and storage), intermediate (including how to draw and fire, malfunction clearing, and shooting positions), and finally advanced courses (including home defense, engaging a target within a crowd, and single hand firearms manipulation).