Michael Schwartz

Keys to 2A Advocacy Success with Michael Schwartz of San Diego County Gun Owners

Second Amendment advocacy is critical to firearms ownership, and the businesses that are part of the firearms industry. Successful in 2A advocacy requires significant effort… particularly in the political realm.

On this episode, Brett is joined by Michael Schwartz who shares his unique insights on how to approach 2A advocacy. in 2015, Michael Schwartz founded San Diego County Gun Owners (SDGCO), which is a non-partisan, volunteer group that is indefatigable in their efforts to get the right people elected on San Diego councils and boards. Listen in as he shares the story behind SDGCO and more.

Michael Schwartz

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Episode Highlights

  • How Michael getting hassled over his shotgun led him to 2A advocacy.
  • The latest on SDCGO’s legal battle to overturn the “assault weapons” ban.
  • What Michael thinks of Gubernatorial Candidate and former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer.
  • Why the Keltec 12-gauge pump-action shotgun is clearly the best choice for the zombie apocalypse.
  • And so much more!

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San Diego County Gun Owners


“San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) is a political organization that focuses on expanding and restoring Second Amendment rights within San Diego County. SDCGO was formed due to an aggressive and successful legislation and regulatory effort to significantly limit or eliminate the firearms industry and the general ownership and use of firearms and the firearms industry in California at the municipal, county, and state level. SDCGO’s solution is a local, non-partisan, volunteer group with full-time staff that does four things to get the right people elected on local San Diego councils and boards:

  • Second Amendment Advocacy at the city/county level
  • Second Amendment Community Organizing
  • Political Fundraising
  • Working with the local gun industry on the first 3