Michael Bane from Down Range TV

We’re locked and loaded for another great episode of TacticalPay radio! This week, we were so happy to have Michael Bane on the show. Michael is the creator and host of the Outdoor Channel’s award-winning show, Shooting Gallery (Part of Down Range TV), now in its 17th season.

In addition to hosting Shooting Gallery, he is the author of 22 books, including the best-seller Over the Edge: A Regular Guy’s Odyssey in Extreme Sports. Lastly, he hosts the weekly podcast called Down Range Radio, in which he covers many aspects of shooting and firearms for their dedicated listeners.

Michael Bane’s career has spanned decades, including over 25 years of professional journalism. Coupled with that, he has been involved with guns his entire life. Whether educating on shooting, discussing firearms, or just pursuing outdoor adventures and hobbies, Michael has built quite the legacy and has a ton of great insight for business owners and firearms enthusiasts alike.

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Episode Highlights

  • Learn what Michael’s objective is with his podcast Down Range Radio.
  • Discover how gun businesses can thrive in what Michael calls “the golden age of firearms.”
  • Get insight into how Michael Bane has been able to build a career and reach so many people working in an industry he’s truly passionate about.
  • Find out what Michael looks for in products when attending events like the SHOT Show.
  • Plus much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Shooting Gallery Presented By Down Range TV on the Outdoor Channel

The Shooting Gallery television series airs on the Outdoor Channel and has been around since 2011. With 16 seasons under their belt (currently they’re on season 17) , they’ve covered a lot of ground! The shows focus is an inside look at the world of shooting. Whether you’re a shooter, collector, competitor, hunter or someone who carries for self-defense, you will likely find something you love about the Shooting Gallery show.

Each episode is hosted by Michael Bane, who has had an incredible career pursuing journalism, outdoor adventures, and most importantly, firearms. Michael is a true firearms expert and absolutely lives and breaths shooting. He takes this expertise and fuses it into each and every episode, taking the time to explore the world of firearms (and all the many topics included) in a unique way.

Shooting Gallery focuses entire episodes on one single topic, which helps their viewers obtain an increased understanding and feel for the subject matter.

TacticalPay Gear Pick of the Week

The “TacticalPay Featured Gear Pick of the Week” is where we highlight fantastic pieces of gear for gun enthusiasts, firearms business owners, and really anyone interested in firearms. These aren’t sponsored picks, but rather pieces of gear that our host Brett has either had recommended to him, or has personally used.

We’ve got a great one for you this week!

Sticky Holsters

If you are interested in guns, but especially if you are interested in conceal carry… a quality holster is a must have. Our host Brett is passionate about conceal carry, in fact that’s the entire reason he got into firearms in the first place. As such, he’s seen a lot of products out there… but none that he could recommend as highly as Sticky Holsters.

With holsters available to customize to fit your needs, as well as designed holsters for all kinds of brands of guns… there are a lot of options! That’s key, because more options allows Sticky Holster’s customers to find the perfect holster to fit their needs. Sticky HOlster’s have unprecedented quality and durability that helps them stand apart from the other options out there.

If you’re in the market for a holster, look no farther than Sticky Holsters!