Barry Soskin from Article 2 Gun Range

Strap yourself in because it’s time for another great episode of TacticalPay radio! This week, we were so happy to have Barry Soskin, Owner of Article 2 Gun Range in Lombard, Illinois on the show. If you’ve ever had questions about how a successful gun range and store is run, this episode should answer them!

Barry is a lifelong firearms enthusiasts, and runs the gun range and store along with his wife, Fran. Barry learned how to shoot in his youth with his family, and hasn’t looked back since. Though some might think it would be impossible to run such a business in locations (like Illinois) with stricter firearms regulation, Barry has been able to make it work for decades. Combining his knowledge of firearms, with a commitment to customer service and education has been his passion ever since he first opened a gun range.

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Episode Highlights

  • Barry shares the #1 key to having success in any business (but especially in the firearms industry).
  • Learn how Barry and his wife Fran approach customer service.
  • Discover how Barry navigates the gun industry in a state where gun laws are stricter.
  • Learn how being open 365 days a year provides huge value for Article 2 Range customers.
  • And so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Article 2 Gun Range

Barry and Fran, owners of Article 2 Gun Range have been providing high quality service to firearms enthusiasts and their community for years. Originally the range was located much closer to Chicago, but had to be moved due to an expansion for O’Hare International Airport. Since then, they have flourished in Lombard, Illinois.

In addition to offering handgun and rifle ranges which are open daily (365 days a year!), there is also a gun shop. Whether it’s quality ammo, accessories, or firearms, Article 2 Gun Range has many product offerings for firearms enthusiasts.

They also have an impressive array of classes… including conceal carry classes, shooting instruction, and more. If you are new to shooting, you don’t have to worry as rental options are available and the friendly community at Article II Range can help you learn proper shooting techniques with a commitment to safety.

Customer service is important to success in any consumer-based business, and Article 2 Gun Range embodies this spirit wholly. That’s been a huge key to their staying power!

TacticalPay Featured Pick of The Week

We have the “TacticalPay Featured Pick of the Week” because we want to give our listeners the best recommendations. Whether you’re hunting, shooting, running a firearms business, or just pursuing the gun hobby… we want you to be aware of the best. These aren’t sponsored picks, just pieces of gear that our host Brett Grayson either uses personally, or has had recommended to him by guests and others.

Here’s yet another helpful pick this week!

Boots from the Original Muck Boot Company

If you are a fan of the outdoors, and especially hunting, what you put on your feet matters. Soaked, blistered, or sore feet can be the difference between an unhappy day out pursuing your hobby, or a one that goes great. With that in mind, Brett just had to recommend Boots from the Original Muck Boot Company.

The Original Muck Boot Company’s story began in 1999. Their goal was simple – create the most comfortable, high performance footwear on the market. Today, you can many options to fit your budget and footwear needs. They have great boots for men, women, and even kids. Every boot they offer is designed to deliver the same 100% waterproof quality and comfort that inspired the original footwear.

That’s huge if you’re going to be walking through some soggy situations while hunting!