Trevor Furlotte from Slam Fire Radio

We’ve got an awesome show today that’s all about firearms and podcasting. Brett chatted with Trevor Furlotte competitive shooter, and host of Slam Fire Radio and the Reloading podcast. Trevor had a ton of great insight to share on growing an audience, and reaching gun owners.

A lifelong firearms enthusiast, Trevor learned to both shoot and hunt from his father early in his life. These days, in addition to hosting two podcasts, he competes frequently in the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). He also serves as the Director of the New Brunswick chapter of the CCFR (Which is basically Canada’s version of the NRA, for our unfamiliar listeners). Lastly, he is also involved in Project Mapleseed, an apolitical non-profit organization committed to delivering rifle marksmanship instruction to Canadians coast-to-coast.

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Episode Highlights

  • Trevor shares how Slam Fire Radio has grown their podcast, and what has made it successful.
  • Learn what competitive shooting is like and Trevor’s advice for improving your skills.
  • Discover the differences between gun culture (and laws) in Canada and the US.
  • Get excellent gear recommendations and advice for reaching people in the firearms community.
  • Plus much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Slam Fire Radio

For five years now, Slam Fire Radio has been delighting listeners with frank and open round table discussions on gun ownership in Canada. The unique perspectives of the hosts makes the show an absolute must-listen to anyone interested in firearms! Even if you don’t live in Canada, it’s a great look inside the gun culture of the United States’ northern neighbors.

Owen Flewelling, Matthew McLatchy, and of course Trevor Furlotte are the hosts of the podcast. Each of them has a litany of experience with firearms, hunting, shooting, and more. They each bring their unique expertise and experiences to the weekly show. With 244 episodes (and counting), if there’s an interesting gun topic… chances are they’ve discussed it!

Whether you’re a casual gun owner, an avid shooter and hunter, or just someone looking to pass the time, Slam Fire Radio is a must listen!

TacticalPay Featured Pick of The Week

We have the “TacticalPay Featured Pick of the Week” because we want to give our listeners the best recommendations. Whether you’re hunting, shooting, running a firearms business, or just pursuing the gun hobby… we want you to be aware of the best. These aren’t sponsored picks, just pieces of gear that our host Brett Grayson either uses personally, or has had recommended to him by guests and others.

We’ve got a great one for you this week!

River Valley Arms & Ammo

River Valley Arms & Ammo is a store located in Morton Minnesota that offers arms, ammunition, accessories, AND training. They also sell online to help them reach even more people outside of their local community.

RVAA is first and foremost a family owned business between a father (Steve), and his son (Zach), and Heather (daughter). Such a relationship-based approach to business has served them and their customers well ever since their founding.

If you’re interested in gear, they offer both new and used firearms, holsters, and apparel. They also offer specialized holsters and apparel for women, so female gun enthusiasts can find items that work perfectly for them. Lastly they offer training for those who want to improve their knowledge and reach new goals with firearms. Both Heather and Zach are NRA Certified Instructors, Chief Range Safety Officers, Minnesota DNR Firearm Safety Instructors and a MN Permit to Carry Instructors.

So if you want great gear, Brett highly recommends you check out RVAA!