Rob Shaul from Mountain Tactical Institute

On today’s show, we’re talking a bit more about fitness (with some firearms discussion mixed in of course)! We’re thrilled to have Rob Shaul, lifelong gym rat and founder of Mountain Tactical Institute, on the show to discuss his business and his insights on the world of fitness.

Rob is self-educated strength and conditioning coach who is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. A 1990 graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy, he went on to found a number of fitness organizations starting with Mountain Athlete in Jackson (2007), Military Athlete (2009), and finally MTI in 2015. When it comes to fitness, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with more knowledge and experience!

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Episode Highlights

  • Rob shares what Mountain Tactical Institute is all about, including their overall mission.
  • Learn how MTI has become so successful in a competitive industry (fitness).
  • Discover Rob’s thoughts on how they reach and serve their customers.
  • Get key insights and recommendations on fitness with some firearms advice mixed in.
  • Plus much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Mountain Tactical Institute

Mountain Tactical Institute was founded by Rob Shaul in 2015 and is located in Jackson, Wyoming. MTI is specifically geared towards persons who want to develop their fitness for performance, not just numbers at the gym. MTI serves law enforcement officials, firefighters, current or prospective military members, persons interested in mountain or outdoor fitness, and more.

MTI boasts a library of 200+ sport=specific fitness plans for mountain and tactical athletes that is unmatched. This amount of plans allows members to follow plans that best fit their individual needs. Their focus is performance, and they help members achieve that through plans developed with “The MTI Method.” The method involves Researching the fitness demands of the mission, sport or event and what the best fitness strategy would be. Next, MTI will Deploy & Assess the fitness plan, evaluating effectiveness and tracking results. Next, they Publish & Assess Again, making the plan available for purchase to members and assessing feedback/results. Finally, they Iterate in an effort to continually improve the plan as more results are achieved.

This “Ground Up” approach to fitness solutions has enabled MTI to distinguish themselves from many of the “re-tread” fitness programming that exists. On their site they have a variety of exercise videos to peruse, and more information about what membership entails. Results are their focus, and everything they do is geared towards that!

TacticalPay Gear Picks of The Week

Rob had some excellent recommendations for gear both with firearms and for fitness!

AR500 Armor

If you’re looking for ballistic armor and body armor solutions, you need the best. Rob mentioned AR500 Armor as fantastic gear to consider, especially for law enforcement and military personnel. With a unique in-house manufacturing process and utilization of industry leading spell and fragmentation mitigation coatings, AR500 Armor brings the possibilities ballistic steal to new heights. If you’re looking for armor made by a brilliant and dedicated team, look no further!

Gravity-Moving Targets from MGM Targets

If you’re training with firearms, having great targets is a must. Rob mentioned Gravity-Moving Targets made by MGM Targets as a great piece of gear to consider. These specific targets can help you take your training to the next level with superior quality and challenge. Their hexagonal shaped targets are made of premium MGM AR500 steel and over up to 13% more target area than the same size round plate. Check them out!

Rogue Fitness Strength and Conditioning Equipment

A fitness guru like Rob just has to recommend some fitness equipment! He mentioned the quality equipment produced by Rogue Fitness as one of his favorites. Whether you’re looking for straps, wraps, & support, bumpers, bars, or entire custom color rigs, Rogue Fitness has it covered. Manufactured to fit the needs of their customers with high quality materials and many options with size and colors, they’ve got something for everyone interested in leveling up their fitness equipment.