Nick Humphries from Practically Tactical

We’re thrilled to have a fellow podcaster on our fourth episode of TacticalPay Radio! Brett was joined by Nick Humphries, who is the founder of Practically Tactical, which is a live podcast, web site, and YouTube channel covering all things tactical.

Nick was born and raised in Idaho, and after a life changing event decided to pursue knowledge in firearms and self-defense. His quest for knowledge led him to founding Practically Tactical, to not only learn more, but also share newly gained insights with others. Brett and Nick chat all about his show, as well as guns, self-defense, and more!

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Episode Highlights

  • Nick shares what Practically Tactical is all about, and how the show has changed over time.
  • Learn how Nick has built his audience and the challenges of running a live show.
  • Discover Nick’s thoughts on self defense, not only with guns, but also with martial arts.
  • Nick also offers up some of his choice gear recommendations, and recommendations for other self-defense and shooting training.
  • And a whole lot more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Practically Tactical

Practically Tactical is a podcast AND live show that was founded by Nick Humphries that focuses on firearms, self defense, shooting, gear, guns, tactics, and more. In addition to hosting various guests, Nick is joined by Jeff Bloovman (who was on episode 1 of TacticalPay Radio), and Jesse Gullikson as cohosts. With over 100 episodes in its history, they’ve covered all kinds of topics and have been educating their audience for years.

In addition to the podcast and youtube channel, Practically Tactical also connects listeners with classes. These classes cover all kinds of topics. Some of the topics include force on force, refresher courses in handguns or carbines, partner shoot house courses, and more.

Though less active, Practically Tactical also offers up some gear reviews, a blog with other general topics, as well as information on fitness. For those interested in self-defense, firearms, and living positively, there’s so much fantastic information to gain from Practically Tactical. With over 30,000 YouTube subscribers, an active Pateron, and legions of devoted fans, it’s clear that Practically Tactical isn’t slowing down any time soon!

TacticalPay Gear Picks of The Week

Nick had some great recommendations for gear AND general self defense training. Here are a few highlights from this episode.

CZ-USA Handguns

If you’re looking for a more broad recommendation for handguns (rather than a specific model), then Nick suggested listeners check out CZ-USA Handguns. CZ-USA handguns offer unparalleled quality for anyone interested in protection, hunting, or competition. With a multitude of different makes and models, there is no shortage of options. Everything from Large-Format Pistols to their Polymer Omega Series and Sub-Compact Series offers precision and quality to meet your needs.

Glock 17

This handgun is designed for professionals. The Glock 17 in 9×19 is actually the most used law enforcement pistol worldwide. With the rare combination of reliability, above-average magazine capacity (17 rounds standard), and a comfortable low weight, it has become extremely trusted by law enforcement officers around the world. In addition to these features, it also boasts an incredible “Safe Action” trigger system. For a reliable weapon in high pressure situation (where quick action is needed), this is a handgun Nick would recommend you consider.

88 Tactical

88 Tactical is an elite training organization that has a primary goal of helping families, individuals, military members, and emergency service workers handle any challenging situation or crisis. When it comes to self defense, or simply being a alert and ready to handle any situation the first person ready to act is the true “first responder.” Nick highly recommends their tactical training in firearms, self-defense, anti-bullying, self-rescue, field medicine, bushcraft and survival, and more.