Credit Card Processing for Firearms with Jacob Motley from Tactical Payments

On this second episode of TacticalPay Radio, we decided to interview one of our very own! Jacob Motley, Head of Sales here at Tactical Payments, joined Brett to discuss in depth the what, why, and how of what we do here.

When it comes to credit card processing in the firearms industry, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with more knowledge and experience than Jacob. His unique insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of Tactical Pay also make this a fascinating window into how ANY business built around firearms runs and finds customers.

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Episode Highlights

  • Get a detailed overview of what Tactical Payments does directly from our Head of Sales.
  • Jacob breaks down why Tactical Payments decided to focus on the firearms industry.
  • Finding customers isn’t always easy, listen as Jacob covers how Tactical Payments find businesses that need payment processing help..
  • Jacob shares exactly what kind of gun businesses (brick-and-mortar gun stores vs websites) Tactical Payments is for (spoiler alert: all of them!).
  • And much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Tactical Payments

Tactical Payments

Tactical Payments was started in Houston, Texas with a simple goal… offer a dedicated and unique payment processing service to businesses that are too often overlooked. If you own or represent a business in the firearms, ammunition, and firearms accessories industry, then you’ll likely need a credit card processing solutions provider.

Unfortunately, many organizations in payment processing don’t specialize with one industry. This can negatively impact the services they provide, and result in frustration for customers who have unique challenges inherent to their specific industries. Our focus on firearms merchant services allows us to better understand your business needs, and to develop innovative payment solutions that meet them.

In addition to experts like Jacob Motley, we have a whole team that combined to offer 17 years of executive payments industry experience. Tactical Payments customers process a multitude of electronic payment transactions including debit cards, Apple Pay, all major credit cards, stored-value, and of course electronic check services.

Tactical Payments’ mission is simple… be the industry leader in firearms merchant services through quality service, and dedicated attention to our customers!

TacticalPay Gear Picks of The Week

No gear picks this week as we went all business on the show. We’ll be back to bringing you some of the best gear recommendations from our guests on the next episode!