Jeff Bloovman from Armed Dynamics

Welcome to the very first episode of TacticalPay Radio! On today’s show, Brett chats with Jeff Bloovman, who is the founder of Armed Dynamics. Jeff specializes in firearms and medical training for worst case scenarios. He is also the co-host of Practically Tactical, a live podcast where he and other experts discuss guns, gear, self-defense, and more.

Jeff even competed on the Discover Channel show “One Man Army” where he won every single challenge on its first ever episode. When it comes to firearms and self-defense, he’s a true expert!

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Episode Highlights

  • Jeff goes through what services Armed Dynamics provides and how he runs his successful YouTube channel.
  • Jeff also breaks down how he deals with internet trolls and what fame in shooting circles from his TV appearance is like.
  • Discover what the first step for an adult interested in self-defense is… martial arts vs firearms.
  • Running a live podcast isn’t for everyone, but Jeff shares why he loves it.
  • Jeff offers up some of his favorite gear recommendations.
  • Plus so much more!

Featured on the Show

Industry Spotlight

Armed Dynamics, LLC

Armed Dynamics is the brainchild of Jeff Bloovman and is focused on teaching individuals the skills needed for effective personal protection with firearms and martial arts. Armed Dynamics Instructors define themselves as students of the trade who then share their knowledge with anyone who wants to become proficient in self defense. This has enabled them to help thousands of students since 2011… everyone from private citizens to police officers and military personnel!

Typical areas studied in their classes include martial arts, medical training, tactical gun handling, adult learning concepts, neural based learning, and human behavior. All of these subjects are crucial when it comes to successful self defense from a physical attack, and are covered via both drills and instruction. With several class options, it’s possible for students to either start from the beginning and move straight through, or take higher level courses if they have proficiency. Individualized attention is a core focus of Armed Dynamics Instructors.

Armed Dynamics caters to people of all skill levels and proficiencies, even offering guidance on the guns and gear that will best suit the needs of total novices. With a 100% money back guarantee, gift card options, and of course individualized instruction available, there are many ways to get excellent self defense training!

TacticalPay Gear Picks of The Week

Every week we ask our guests for some of their favorite gear picks and general recommendations. Sometimes they’re specific, other times there general… but it’s always worth a look for anyone interested in having the best loadout.

SureFire WeaponLights

When it comes to shooting (and self defense), being able to illuminate and see your target and surrounding area is key. Jeff is a big fan of these excellent weaponlights!

C.O.A.C.H by Squared Away Customs

The Concealed Optic Appendix Carry Holster is a specialized AIWB holster made specifically for Glock 9/357/40 models wearing either Surefire X300’s or Streamlight TLR-1’s.

Glock Spotlight Holster from PHLster

If you’re looking for a spotlight and a holster, then Jeff recommends you consider this. It’s for RH AIWB Carry and fits Glocks 19/23/32, 17/22/31, 34/35 with X300U A/B or TLR1/1HL Lights. With ergonomic molding, anti-printing hardware, and compatibility with slide mounted optics, suppressor height sights, and compensators… this is a complete holster!